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Edinburgh wedding videographer

Hey! I'm Danny...

Loving husband on double-daddy-duty, tech addict, aspiring Italian, and a cinematic wedding videographer in Edinburgh.

I live in a happy little house near Glasgow, made a home by my wonderful wife, Kirsty, our little toddler Frankie, and the lovable (and unfortunately sleep-averse) baby Harry. We also have a furry family sidekick, Sofia the Ragdoll cat. Which is a breed, by the way, not a toy.

"If you want a wedding video that is personalised, atmospheric, and true to the day - go with Rizzo Films"
- Kat & Peter

I’m half-Italian, half-Scottish (hence the name). Although Kirsty teases me for telling people because she knows I think it makes me sound exotic! I’d eat pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner if Kirsty would let me (see, Italian!) But if I’m honest, with the exception of the exotic name and the pizza addiction, I’m just a regular, whisky-drinking, beard-toting Scotsman! 

If I’m ever not on daddy duty or at a wedding, I love a good game of squash or a long cycle ride out into the middle of nowhere. You can’t beat smacking a little rubber ball around or disappearing deep into the countryside to clear your mind! I used to love Playstation too, but that went out the window when Frankie came along (not literally).

I’m a proper little tech fiend, always have been. And it makes videography the perfect job for me, because I can buy myself loads of geeky tech stuff and tell Kirsty it’s for research! It’s like that old saying, get a job you love and you can buy loads of cool gadgets and not get told off by your wife.

- Lisa & Alex

Our experience with Danny was just amazing, right from the first video call, we knew we had made the right choice. He is so friendly and really easy to get on with, it felt like chatting with a friend. 

What I love about being a wedding videographer

I’ve been playing with cameras since I was a young boy. It began as a technical thing, just another one of my little gadgets that I wanted to play with, geek-out over and master. I didn’t realise that 30 years later I’d still be discovering new techniques and evolving my style. It’s really addictive!

But as I got older, I got hooked on the storytelling side of it. How camera movement can mirror emotion, how angles can set a mood. And how when you edit clips together in a certain way, they can tell a story far greater than the sum of their parts. That’s when I truly fell in love with videography.

But I think I’ve only truly come to appreciate the value of film since Frankie was born. Time goes by in a flash when you have kids. And having videos of them when they were younger, seeing them clumsily waddle about, hearing them laugh and speak…it completely transports you back to a time in your life you thought you’d forgotten.

And that’s why I love being a wedding videographer so much. Not just because I get to spend my days surrounded by love and laughter, making friends with people and being part of something special. But because every weekend I get to tell a brand new love story, in a wedding video I know you’ll be watching together for the rest of your lives.

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