My style and approach as a wedding videographer in Edinburgh and Glasgow

Documentary approach with cinematic production

As your wedding videographer, I don’t ever want to make you feel pressured, or like you’re performing for the camera. 

So we’ll have a few jokes and a chat, and after a while you’ll feel like you’ve known me for years (I actually get that quite a lot!) I want you to enjoy spending time with me on your wedding day, not wishing I wasn’t taking up so much of it. 

"Danny made us feel so comfortable from the first phone call to meeting us on the day. He went out of his way to make sure we were happy. The video is amazing."
- Nicole & Stuart

In fact, there’ll be some parts of the day you won’t know I’m there at all. The ceremony, the speeches, intimate moments you might share with each other, or emotional moments with your family. Those are the moments that’ll make your wedding day so special, and I wouldn’t want to ruin them by shoving my camera in your face. The cinematic look and feel of my wedding videos comes from the equipment, the camerawork and the care and production I put into the final edit. I have state-of-the-art camera and audio equipment, so I can capture your beautiful faces and all the audio from the speeches and the ceremony in crystal clear HD. I use cinematic camera movement, custom colour-grading and a storytelling editing style to give your wedding video the look and feel of a movie. 

My aim is to give you a cinematic wedding film, without making your wedding day feel like a film set. 

Why do you need wedding videography if you’ve got photography?

We don’t live in silent snapshots, or remember in isolated moments. We live in movement and sound, and remember in stories. I guess that’s why I’ve always preferred the film to the poster. 

Protect your memories, and retell the story

Nothing can capture the atmosphere and emotion of your day like a wedding video. You see the way people move and react, notice small details in the corners of the frame. You hear people’s voices, the bubbling background of your guests laughing and clinking glasses, the lump in your throat as you say your vows. Wedding videography brings back the emotions of the day in a way nothing else ever could. And for a lot of couples, their wedding videography will be the only professional footage of their family. You’ll be able to sit and watch it in thirty years’ time and see lost loved ones laugh, dance and hear their voices again. You’ll see people you know as adults skidding on their knees around the dancefloor as the children they once were. You’ll see your younger selves kiss, cuddle, and be wrapped up in the hopeless infatuation of young love. Your wedding photos will be your screensaver. Your wedding video will be your window into the past. 

- Kyla & Craig

The footage they captured was absolutely perfect and Danny’s talent at editing and putting it all together literally brought us to tears, it was so beautiful. We honestly couldn’t have asked for a better videographer.

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