Netherbyres House Wedding Videography

If you’re looking for a stylish, fun, unique wedding venue in Scotland, Netherbyres House in Eyemouth is a solid 10/10. I went there in the autumn for Becca and Alex’s wedding, and I was completely blown away by the place. It’s not often you get to sip whisky in an uber-trendy, modern bar, watching wild deer bounding around in the forest outside. 

And I’ll tell you what, Becca and Alex were absolutely my kind of people. Properly funny, down to earth, always up for a bit o’ banter, and completely and utterly crazy about each other. And not only were they a good laugh, they had impeccable taste. 

With modern Scottish wedding styling, a vibrant autumn palette, and lots of playful little details that made the day uniquely theirs, Becca and Alex’s wedding was one for the ages.

If you’re thinking of having a wedding here, come take a look as Netherbyres House wedding videography is one of a kind here!

Netherbyres House Wedding Videography

What Our Day at Netherbyres House Looked Like!

Netherbyres House Wedding Videography

Arriving at Netherbyres House wedding venue

I drove up the driveway on the morning of the wedding and turned the corner to see this incredible Victorian stately home. There were sweeping lawns, and beautiful gardens stretching down to a magical woodland. It was super-fancy, classically beautiful, and all very, very romantic. 

And when I went inside the house, things suddenly got a whole lot cooler! Quirky furnishings, colourful walls and eclectic, vibrant furniture. It was fun, modern and stylish in the best possible way. And not at all what you’d expect looking at it from the outside!

I had a little fun exploring the place for a few minutes, and headed in to join Becca and her girls as they got ready, ready to make a start on their Netherbyres House wedding videography!

Netherbyres House Wedding Videography Confetti shot

Modern Scottish wedding styling

I always love the ‘getting ready’ part of the day. The buzz in the air, the nervous excitement. Popping prosecco in your PJs, or sipping whisky as you get ready with the boys. Weddings are all about love. And there’s always a whole lotta love in the room as you get ready for your wedding with all your favourite people. 

Becca wore Isla by Amanda Wakeley. The art deco metallic mesh across the shoulders and neckline gave the silk crepe dress a strikingly modern look, softened by her elegant hair and make up, and the warm autumn hues in her stunning bouquet

Meanwhile, a few doors down, Alex was getting ready with the lads. And I’ll tell you, the boys were looking sharp in their stylish kilts and jackets from Andrew Brookes

But what I loved most is how the styling was all so perfectly considered and cohesive. How the rusty red in Becca’s bouquet matched Alex and his groomsmen’s ties, and the accents of red throughout the rest of the florals. It even matched the shade of Becca’s lipstick! Little details like this make the world of difference to the overall look of a wedding day, and Becca and Alex nailed it. 

Netherbyres House Wedding Videography, Scottish wedding stylinh

My new favourite wedding trend – The first look

A first look is a truly special moment for you to share together on your wedding day. Just a few minutes before the ceremony, set aside purely for you. Time to get excited together, kiss, cuddle, and chat about your morning. To tell each other how great you both look, to say how much you love each other. It’ll be some of the most unforgettable few minutes of your lives. 

And not to be biased, but it’s one of those moments that’s just made for your Netherbyres House wedding videography! 

I love the look on Alex’s face when he first sees her. The way they hugged each other, held each other. Becca frantically waving away guests who happen to walk past and her infectious laughter that followed. 

You can tell how excited they both were, how nervous, how in love. It’ll be something I know they’ll both remember forever. And I’m so glad I got to be there to capture it for them. 

First look during Netherbyres House Wedding Videography

Wedding ceremony in the Netherbyres House Grand Hall

The Grand Hall in this Scotland wedding venue is an impressive place for a wedding ceremony. That stunning ceiling for a start, and the beautiful views across the grounds through the window. Not to mention the awesome bridal entrance down that staircase!

Becca and Alex had styled the space beautifully, with autumn florals on every step and wound around the bannisters. And a floral hexagon behind the altar, covered in a rainbow of autumn blooms. 

The ceremony was so romantic, so intimate, and so filled with love. You could almost feel Alex and Becca’s excitement radiating off them all the way through! And they had a modern take on a handfasting ceremony with black and white ribbons, which was pretty cool.

When the ceremony was over, they came out into the autumn sunshine to a flurry of rainbow confetti. And I love wedding videography for moments like this. The infectious joy on both their faces, the air filled with colour, the confetti dancing in the breeze.

Some things are just made for video and this is absolutely perfect for their wedding videography in Netherbyres House!

Netherbyres House wedding ceremony

Smoke bomb drone shot in the grounds of Netherbyres House

After a delicious dinner and some awesome speeches, we left the guests behind and I disappeared with Becca and Alex to give them some time away from the crowds. We explored the woods together and wandered through the blissfully quiet grounds of Netherbyres House.

Becca and Alex were laughing and chatting away, constantly holding hands, hugging and kissing. 

I love this part of the day as a videographer. Because in between the poses and the ‘set up’ moments, you get to catch so many flashes of love, friendship and connection. And without fail– literally for every single wedding– I get a little misty-eyed when I’m watching the footage back! 

Before we headed back to rejoin the guests, we wanted to get something a little bit epic. Becca and I had spent a while chatting back and forth beforehand, planning the sparklers and the smoke bombs. It’s always so nice to work with people who are just as excited about this stuff as I am! And all our planning paid off with an awesome smoke bomb drone shot! 

Netherbyres House Drone Wedding Videography

Ceilidh and sparklers to finish the day

When the sun had set, the sounds of dancing feet, laughter and live music filled the ballroom. We nipped outside for sparklers in the cold night air, and headed back in for more whisky, more music and more dancing!

From the moment Becca popped that first bottle of prosecco in the morning, to Alex’s seriously questionable dance moves late at night, these two were an absolute dream couple. 

And every time I watch their video back, I feel so blessed I got to be a part of their day and was so glad I was part of their Netherbyres House wedding videography!

Sparklers at Netherbyres House

Ready to Plan Your Netherbyres House Wedding?

Now you know all about how our day panned out, I hope you’ve been persuaded to capture your memories in all of their glory! Netherbyres House wedding videography is something I will never get bored of.

If you love my work and think I might be ideal for you and your wedding, I’d love to hear from you. I am a Scotland wedding videographer so get in touch today and let’s have a wee chat and get to know each other. 

April 17, 2023

Netherbyres House Wedding Videography

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